Our Mission

First Presbyterian Church is called to glorify God, to proclaim the gospel, and to promote God’s kingdom by standing as a Reformed witness to Jackson, the surrounding community, and the world.

For the advancement of our mission, our four chief priorities are as follows:

1. Worship
God is the focus of worship. God has prescribed how He is to be worshipped, and in submission, FPC conducts historically informed, biblically saturated, and Reformed public worship.

2. Discipleship
All Christians are servants of the Master. In response to the Great Commission, FPC seeks to build a fellowship of committed Christian disciples who are growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ, serving the Lord, and applying the truth of the Gospel in every area of life.

3. Outreach
God uses means to reach the lost. As stewards of the Good News of Jesus Christ, we seek to serve the kingdom of God and build up the Church through Christian education, evangelism, church planting, theological education, and mercy ministry, both locally and throughout the world, by engaging every member in the work of missions.

4. Resource
To whom much has been entrusted, much is required. Because the body of Christ is bigger than this local church, FPC seeks to serve fellow Christians and the cause of Christ by sharing the gifts (whether spiritual or tangible) over which we have been made stewards.