Elder Election

On July 25, 2021, the congregation of the First Presbyterian Church of Jackson, Mississippi, approved a resolution to proceed with the election of new ruling elders. The nomination period opened on July 27, 2021 and closed on  August 31, 2021. The nomination period will be followed by a period of nominee instruction and examination. Nominees will then be approved by the Session and presented to the congregation no later than November 1 for prayerful consideration in anticipation of the December 5 election. 

Please be in prayer that the Lord will raise up a group of Godly men to help lead this church. 

Qualifications for the Office of Elder

According to Scripture, those who bear this office should exhibit certain characteristics of love. This includes being blameless in life, sound in the faith, wise in the things of God, and discrete in all things. Persons who fill this office should exhibit a lifestyle that is an example to all, both in and outside the Church.

Chosen by the people of a particular congregation, Ruling Elders are to watch over the spiritual welfare of that congregation. Thus, a Ruling Elder should study and learn the Word and become equipped to teach that Word. The Ruling Elder should be actively involved in the worship and work of the church. As an under-shepherd, that person should visit the sick, the bereaved, the lonely, the aged, the shut-in, and all those who have a pastoral need.

In cases where there is a special need, the Ruling Elder should be careful to inform the Pastor. It is especially incumbent upon the Ruling Elder to see to the development of the children of the congregation, to inquire after the inactive members, to encourage new members in spiritual development, and to otherwise show care for those whom they serve. They should be diligent to watch for moral failures and seek to warn, to admonish, and otherwise to reclaim those who stray. In special cases, where it is deemed necessary, such failures should be brought to the attention of the Church Session for appropriate action of discipline.

As the law of love places certain duties upon each Christian, the Ruling Elder is especially bound to fulfill those duties and to be an example to all.